Shimano stella fi

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Our inventory status indicators are updated in near real-time, but are based on the last known availability of specific items. If an item you order is unavailable we will notify you via e-mail or phone. Add to Wishlist. Estimated Shipping Cost. Shimano aimed to make the most efficient Drivetrain in a spinning reel; they achieved their goal by using their new X-Ship feature.

The result of using X-Ship makes the handle easier to turn with or without load. This makes the most important thing in fishing, the bite, easier to feel. Because less effort goes into turning the handle you can detect even the lightest ''tick'' bites. This has been achieved by moving the worm shaft oscillation mechanism 19mm from the bottom of the reel to the top.This is the the ultimate big game fishing spinner, there is no question about it.

Lets just say you are not going to put this reel on just any rod, you need to make sure it can take a punishing, well you too, hit the gym before hooking a monster on this thing! These reels are a smaller version of the SW more targeted at freshwater applications they still are just as smooth and powerful for their size. These reels are not only powerful compared to your average spinning reel, but they also hold a good amount of line.

If you want to find the monofilament line capacity of all shimano reelsuse our tool. These reels are a smaller version of the SW, they still are just as smooth and powerful for their size. If you want to find the braided line capacities of all Shimano reelsuse our tool. If you want to find the braided line capacities for all Shimano Reelsuse our tool.

This is awesome to watch.

shimano stella fi

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Confirm Password. Validation error, please fill out all required fields and ensure your password entries match. This email address is already registered. Please login with your credentials. Your account has been created successfully.The new Shimano Stella FJ series, was intended to be better, smoother and more efficient than previous models. The Stella name is the absolute top of the line when it comes to Shimano. The Stella is where they put all of their best and latest technology.

So does this reel live up to the standard set by its predecessor the FI? So lets break it down, and discuss everything you need to know about this latest high end spinning reel, from one of the leading fishing reel makers. Designed specifically for freshwater, and light inshore saltwater use. This is good for targeting fresh water species such as Bass, but also performs very well in saltwater from the surf or off from a boat.

Comes with a ball handle. The Hagane Gear system is designed to give the reel a smoothness that lasts over time, as well as strength and power whilst keeping the reel light. This is the real showpiece of the new Stella.

shimano stella fi

State of the art gear tooth design, combined with Micro Module II gear technology, have produced an incredibly smooth reel compared to any previous model. Reel noise has also been significantly reduced. Every part of the reel has been reviewed, any clearance gaps and wobbles have been reduced. As a result, the reel is very smooth and quiet. Shimano has switched from Core Protect to X-Protect in this reel. The result is that the reel is 5 times more corrosion resistant than previous models.

This highlights how this reel is equally at home in saltwater as it is in freshwater. This is a body technology that brings the reel center of gravity closer to the rod. This makes a big difference on angler fatigue, and also improves hand comfort during a long days casting. The stainless steel bail wire has no gap for the line to snag on, and also reduces friction allowing the line to get on the roller quicker.

I have to admit I am a big Stella fan. When it comes to the Stella name, you expect the best of the best. This is a high end reel, and you should expect a lot for your money.

Shimano never holds back with its flagship range, and they always attempt to put every piece of their best technology into this reel. But has it worked? Is the FJ any better than the previous models before it? Well to cut straight to the point … yes it has!

This is a fantastic reel. However, if you were expecting something drastically different than the FI then you may be slightly disappointed! There are no new technological breakthroughs with this reel.

If you take a look at all the manufacturers, there is already a very high standard of technology already existing in each an every one of them.Unlike hot forging, Shimano's precision cold forging technology compresses metal at room temperatures and involves no cutting to forge a high-precision gear with micron accuracy, giving you excellent precision and strength.

The most advanced tooth designed evolved from Shimano's unique manufacturing technology. In our pursue for the ideal tooth shape, we've redesigned the teeth of the gears right down to the tooth's surface. Gear noise has also been reduced while improving reeling smoothness. X-Ship system gives you smooth reeling even under heavy loads. Shimano's unique mechanism for robust gear engagement uses and enlarged drive gear, optimum positioning of the pinion and drive gears and two-point support of the pinion gears whose ends are supported by bearings.

shimano stella fi

Made of highly rigid metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Weight has been greatly reduced while reel flexure, warp and distortion has been eliminated, allowing for smooth reeling with little power loss. To eliminate the slightest gaps, looseness and vibrations between components in the drive section, we've re-examined the overall design and related parts one by one.

Improvements were made to the drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin and gear, achieving comfort with quietness. Experience smooth rotational performance in a new dimension.

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G-Free Body technology has been developed to shift the reel's centre of gravity closer to the rod. This has been achieved by moving the osciallation mechanism 19mm up from the bottom of the reel to the top.

By moving the centre of gravity closer to the angler's hand position, the G Free Body helps to reduce fatigue and enhances casting comfort. Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations, it has been determined that AR-C spool lip design produces longer casting distances than a standard lip spool, while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. It also allows the line to flow off the spool in smaller loops during the cast, which means less slap on the strip per guide.

This results in longer casts with less friction.

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With E. This treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities. This gives salt no hideout and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish.

A reel with E.

Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reel

Rigid support drag eliminates spool movement and wobble, even at light drag settings. The result is an incredibly smooth drag even at extremely light settings. Shielded Anti-Rust bearings are similar to A-RB, but feature additional shields for the ultimate protection.

One piece bail allows the line to travel unimpeded to the line roller. Its seamless design reduces friction and the chance of tangles or cut to the bail arm. Redesigning the teeth of the drive gear to fit perfectly against the Micromodule Gear II, even the slightest rattle is eliminated and the transition from stationary to intense winding is flawlessly silent with our latest Slient Drive. With X Protect guarding the body and line rollers, our achievements of the smoothest and most silent reel continues on in Stella.

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Product Technologies Hagane Gear Hagane Gear Unlike hot forging, Shimano's precision cold forging technology compresses metal at room temperatures and involves no cutting to forge a high-precision gear with micron accuracy, giving you excellent precision and strength.

Micromodule Gear II The most advanced tooth designed evolved from Shimano's unique manufacturing technology. X-Ship X-Ship system gives you smooth reeling even under heavy loads. Hagane Body Made of highly rigid metals such as aluminium and magnesium.We finally had a change to review arguably the top spinning reel in terms of quality anglers expect from it and cost- Shimano Stella FI. Shimano proudly calls it their spinning reel flagship model.

We praised it in our review and top bass anglers agreed with us here. It is really hard to imagine what could top that, but we never can know before we try out. Like always we like to start out with listing all models to give all of you basic understanding and background why Shimano designed this reel:.

It is clear that Shimano Stella FI is not a offshore reel and is special Stella edition for freshwater or coast fishing. SWB bigger versions are more like substitutes for heavy baitcastersbecause casting is still possible with them. SWB versions are heavy offshore ocean fishing compatible. Gear ratios are increasing according to reel size from 5. Finally we review a spinning reel that could beat the number of bearings inside abu garcia revo.

Drag power indicators are usual for finesse type spinning reel. Purpose of this body is to move the oscillation system from its usual place down below the drive gear to the more center of the reel. This will improve reel balance by bringing the reel weight closer to hands which will in turn eliminate any wobble during the retrieve.

Now the main and pinion gears will have micro-teeth on them that will improve gear alignment and put out more torque and power. Better contact with the lure and less vibrations are guaranteed. Handle screws right into the drive gear improving power transfer and reducing the wear and tear on critical parts.

In addition, new anti-reverse system which decreases friction and makes rotating the handle easier is included too. Buy it Now! Right of the bat, I loved the colors and style of Shimano Stella. It can be a matter of personal preference and pride of owning such fantastic looking reel.

Going to performance aspect. First thing I noticed is strange feeling like reel spins without no effort at all. Fishing seems to be much more natural and by that I mean casting, retrieving require almost no thought at all and eliminates the most of the usual problems that arise from time to time.

First time I honestly felt that that technology does not restrict my movements and intent. If you you are an avid experienced angler and spend most of your time in freshwater or inshore chasing bass and trout. Also you have some extra cash, I see no reason why the Shimano Stella would not be worth the buy.Improving upon the already-outstanding smoothness and durability of previous iterations, the Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels employ state of the art Micro Module II gearing, which lends a silky handle rotation and seamless transfer of power from the handle to the updated pinion gear.

Up to five times more resistant to the long term effects of water than previous models, the Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels are backed by X-Protect technology, which utilizes a water repellant coating and specially designed channels to extend the life of the reel.

Plus, new Silent Drive, long stroke spool, tangle proof rotor design, and a host of other high-end features means the Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels truly represents a benchmark in Shimano spinning reels.

Select your reel cover below. The newly re-designed Shimano Twin Power FD Spinning Reel is loaded with best-in-class features any professional or avid angler can appreciate. Putting performance and power in the hands of value-driven anglers the Shimano Catana FD Spinning Reel employs advanced features, like a Propulsion Line Management System that ensure hassle-free fishing.

Loaded with a number of Shimano's high-end technologies, the Shimano Essence Spinning Reels provide advanced, enthusiast-caliber performance in a lightweight package. Offering unparalleled gear durability in its price point, the Shimano NASCI Spinning Reel is an exciting, new, powerful spinning reel perfect for a wide range of bass fishing applications. Allowing anglers to fine tune their drag while fighting fish, the Shimano Sahara FI Rear Drag Spinning Reels combine classic rear drag styling with Shimano's unmatched quality.

Raising the bar for all high-end spinning reels, the Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reel employs a laundry list of cutting-edge Shimano technologies that provide a never before seen level of smoothness and durability.

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Packed with a number of cutting-edge technologies and materials, the Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reel ensures unbeatable performance in freshwater and saltwater. Proving that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to have fun on the water, the Shimano Sienna FG Spinning Reels use updated cosmetics and quality part to achieve value-inspired performance. Delivering superior efficiency in freshwater and saltwater, the Shimano Spheros SW Spinning Reels blends a number of key Shimano technologies to achieve smooth handling and reliability in harsh conditions.

Upping the ante on all-around performance, the Shimano Stradic Spinning Reels FL utilize a number of key performance technologies to deliver the level of quality that anglers have come to expect from a Stradic reel — and then some. The new and improved Shimano Sahara FE Spinning Reel is lighter and more compact than ever thanks to Shimano's new M Compact Body design - and still tough enough for just about anything big bass can throw at it.

If price is not an issue, go for it. These are triple the price of other high end spinning reels and in my mind, the performance doesn't warrant it. For a third of the price and frankly pretty equal performance and even less weight, I would highly recommend the Stradic Ci4.

The smooth drag along with Micro Module Gear II and X-Ship made for a seemless transisition, from cast, to hook set and eventually the fish coming over the rail in the boat, never leaving any doubt in my mind about landing the fish.

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I matched my with 10 Power Pro giving me solid hook sets and a full live well. Add To Wish List. Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel. Best Seller. Shimano Ultegra Spinning Reels. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.Reel R eview. Total Score: 8. Introduction: The Shimano Stella.

Shimano Stella FJ Spinning Reels

Just mentioning the name of this flagship spinning reel is enough to scare non-enthusiast anglers, and their wallets. If the idea of spending nearly dollars on a spinning reel seems like madness then you might want to stop reading right now. Drag 6. Shimano's flagship spinning reel, the Stella FI, is as striking as it is expensive. While previous versions certainly pushed the envelope in terms of features the FI also takes things to another level when it comes to styling.

Spinning reels for the most part possess a very simple and familiar layout, and yet the Stella FI elevates that profile by craftily mixing angles with curves, and making it difficult to see where one starts and the other begins. The Stella FI features a very thin profile. The familiar thin yet durable bail. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of what the Stella FI offers lets address the big question, how much does the Stella FI cost?

Not for the faint of heart, the Stella FI is designed for enthusiast anglers, those that are simply willing to shell out the money to own and fish the best that Shimano has to offer.

Paired with the Jackall Adrena spinning rod. I paired this reel with many spinning rods targeting different species, employing it for different applications, but the one technique that I kept turning to this reel for was finesse fishing with 4lb. The Stella FI features a very forward profile with the gearing moved near the center for better balance.

Casting: The Shimano Stella FI features a shallow spool and really is designed either for ultralight fluorocarbon, mono, or braided lines. It casts just fine, but in this department is not much different than you might expect from other higher end spinning reels. With light lines the Stella FI feels very natural and I really enjoyed fishing with 4lb fluorocarbon with this reel, casting even the lightest shakey head and drop shot rigs in clear and cold water was stress-free.

The Stella FI is a good caster but nothing exceptional here. Next Section: Smooth Operator Hot Articles. Tackle type:. Gear Ratio. Number of Bearings. Enhanced corrosion resistant bearings, alloy frame and carbon sideplates, new D2 gear design, Infinitely variable centrifugal braking design, titanium line guide, compact bent carbon handle, EVA knobs.